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I am the one who lives with the ocean

I have bludgeoned your sailors, I've spat out their keepsakes

a wrecking ball in a summer dress
29 December 1984
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"i base most of my fashion taste on what doesn't itch."
-gilda radner.

psa: my mood theme is by mediocrechick.
30 rock, absurdity, aimee mann, algonquin park, almost famous, alpacas, american dad, amélie, ancient history, angry girl music, ani difranco, anthropology, bif naked, bishop allen, bitch magazine, björk, blackadder, boys that jump, british accents, buffy, calvin and hobbes, captain jack sparrow, captain malcolm reynolds, carolyn mark, chasing amy, chloe sullivan, chloe/anyone, clerks, clone high, conan o'brien, cool socks, cruel intentions, cruise night cars, cynicism, daria, dogma, douglas adams, drama, dyeing...my hair!, elijah wood, ella fitzgerald, empire records, family guy, feminism, ferris bueller's day off, finding nemo, fiona apple, firefly, foo fighters, francesca lia block, french kiss, fufu berries, futurama, garbage, garfield, geeks, gender studies, gilmore girls, good omens, green day, grosse pointe blank, growing up cullen, harry potter, heathers, high fidelity, hoodies, howimetyourmother, hugh laurie, idle slagging, igby goes down, indie rock boy hair, jeeves and wooster, jezebel, jian ghomeshi, john cusack, jon stewart, joni mitchell, kevin smith, killing chloe sullivan, lisa loeb, llamas, lord of the g-strings, lord of the rings, mack the knife, mallrats, men in hats, michael therriault, microserfs, mint flavored things, mocking juicy tracksuits, mornings, movies, moxy früvous, musicals, muskoka, my friends, mythology, neil gaiman, no doubt, nun hunt, old episodes of friends, paul simon, penguins, penny arcade, pirates of the caribbean, reading, rent, roald dahl, robin hudson, ryan gosling, sam rockwell, sarcasm, saturday morning watchmen, scrubs, sex and the city, shakespeare, shiny things, singing, sleater-kinney, sleep, stargazing, stephen fry, swearing, sytycd, target women, teen girl squad!, tegan and sara, terry pratchett, that 70s show, the beatles, the big lebowski, the it crowd, the powerpuff girls, the princess bride, the simpsons, the smashing pumpkins, the west wing, thunderstorms, tom mccamus, topher grace, tori amos, true blood, veruca salt, wallace and gromit, weezer, wesballs, whimsy, will and grace, wonderfalls